As our Customers operate around the world we’re always facing a wide variety of environmental conditions and customer specifications. Although having high quality & performance but not being necessarily adequate, our core products are mostly customised with alternative improvements beyond the expectations since it’s now the only way to achieve long term customer satisfaction.

For a long time the identity of Customer needs and specifications always outweigh our standard core product provisions. This necessiated us to modify our Quality Management System with respect to the terms of Personalized Marketing which is an extreme form of Product Differentation. Today Cukurova’s Verification & Validation processes are checking core products, services or systems to meet particular customer specifications and all are supported by our Relational Database Management System or simply as we say ORACLE system.

Today’s interactive technologies allow our customers to communicate with our design and engineering teams at all stages of product and project’s development. This consistency, assigning the Customer as a dedicated project team member, provides us long-term strong relationship. Cukurova’s capacity is not limited to solid facilities, buildings and production areas, since versatile engineering is to be the complementary and indispensable part of this term.

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