The whole members of Cukurova team works in harmonious integration to meet the Customers’ quality and peformance expectations. Design engineers are dedicated to originate and develop functional, stylish and cost effective versatile solutions In order to handle every requirements of the project, highly experienced CAD designers start with a thorough understanding the project and are organized to get the optimum solution on budget.

Identifying the need, creating alternative solutions and presenting the ultimate outcome; system, product or service, is not only their duty but also their great pleasure every time. Thorough this process, the communication with the Customer is very important to identify the needs comprehensively for the ultimate solution and sometimes surprisingly since in return they exceed limits of the expectations.

Cukurova is committed to be pioneer in power generation bearing responsibility of its strong brand name with its every single genious design. Project management team ensures that design is not only the outward appearance of the genset but also the reflection of power. Cukurova means the culture for seamless solutions with sophisticated, advanced and to-day design features to ensure safety and ease of the Custome

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