The challenge of Cukurova's production is to meet individual customer demands while remaining competitive by producing on an industrial scale. Our customized production offers prospects for growth and employment. To achieve utmost flexible quality production and efficiency, this challenge is supported with new technologies and highly qualified, carefully selected, dedicated employees. As a result, our customers know that they can heavily rely on the quality of our products at all points with also reference of our proven reliable, versatile, high performanced systems powering many kind of facilities all around the world. Cukurova developes flexible production techniques for efficient customized production to outweigh the identity of Customer needs and specifications always.

We have a close control of every aspect of production because everything is designed and manufactured by our people and our dependable, leading business partners. Cukurova assembling philosophy is a comprehensive approach to integrate world's well-known manufacturer's as one.

Cukurova invest in the most important asset of the company, to its employees because we are aware that building an efficient and satisfied team is as important as building a high-technology and performanced production facility. We provide high quality working environment to our employees to keep their motivation and pleasure for increased efficiency and company loyalty. There are, of course a number of reason for our success but we always believe the main importance is to maintain the social interaction with our employees.

Cukurova maintains and continually improves the internationally recognised quality standard at all its manufacturing premises. An integrated operating system tracks every element of the business, from the initial design and engineering, through work-in-process to order of raw material, delivery of the good at the promised time up until all the interactions with our customers to ensure the consistency of customer satisfaction.

Necessiating us to modify our Quality Management System with respect to the terms of Personalized Marketing which is an extreme form of Product Differentiation. Today Cukurova's Verification & Validation processes are checking core products, services or systems to meet particular customer specifications and all are supported by our Relational Database Management System or simply as we say ORACLE system.

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