From simple text documents to highly complicated engineering designs Cukurova PG System's professional and user-friendly documentation solutions are available for its customers with the ultimate functionality in different document types and file formats to explain the merged capabilities and specifications of power system.

The customer needs are always unique and enhanced solutions should be designed for the peculiarities exceeding the standard product to satisfy them. Documentation is part of this job to ensure presenting the ultimate outcome; system, product or service is correctly applied where they are used.

Documentation is the interface to explain the merged capabilities of power system inside out to its customers for operation and maintenance. Dimensional product drawings, electrical system wiring drawings, function-load test reports, technical spec sheets, user and maintenance manuals and quality documents are prepared according to the requirements of specifications and site conditions. In case of any amendment is needed for the specifications or for site conditions the related immediate and optimum solution is studied and reflected to the system and documentation.

The documentation is designed by our application experts to assist various user profiles of the system, from daily operator to installation and project designers, at every stage of the operations and application to gain the ultimate benefit from the system. The complete, dependable, user-friendly, honest and up to date information is provided with an index for easy and effective accessibility to the required information.

The customer requires documentation for everything it will need to operate and maintain; not only for daily simple operation but also created to meet long-term needs of the system lifetime. Professional documentation provides efficiency, saves time, limits installation costs and the most importantly leads the success of the power system operation.

Just a few years ago, we decided to relieve our business from paper-based and digital content as they generate large quantities of business documents, such as customer profiles, purchase orders, forms, scanned invoices and contracts. Cukurova has chosen Content Management solution which allows organizations to create, effectively capture all types of digital and paper-based content, -documents can be imported quickly from a great variety of applications -Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, scanned documents and documents from e-mail systems are a few examples-, reliably archieve content in a centralized system, keep all versions of a document in the right sequence, indexing for search, manage, cleanse and distribute content to individuals in the appropriate format, and preserve or dispose of content to control the content lifecycle. Supporting the entire content lifecycle by applying the appropriate amount of control and adding additional features support for users during each life cycle phase allows us to manage our operations efficiently.

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