Service & Spare Parts

As being a power generation company, Cukurova is well aware of its responsibility for after sales services and spare parts. We are always in customers’ service together with our locators, to find the solution immediately. We both offer complete equipment management solutions and supply for the total support the Customer needs, for maximum efficiency and performance. After sales service provides professional maintenance, speedy repairs and supply of spare part.

Cukurova products are renowned for their dependability, quality and performance. This is based on excellent products and customer support.

Cukurova’s approach for service and spare parts is straightforward. Cukurova exists to power your system with uninterrupted and problem-free power generation system. To this end, as being a responsible power generation company, Cukurova is aware that the basic importance in power generation market is at after sales services. Cukurova is not with Customer only during the sales process but their honest business approach is delivered to all customers after sales as well. Cukurova business run on the principles of a set of values and policies that guide our behaviour for customer satisfaction.

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