Power Control Systems


Cukurova's power control systems are designed to achieve reliable, secure, efficient, user-friendly, cost-effective operation of the power generation systems.

Offering the optimum solution suiting perfectly to any system demand; for single or multiple uses, for standby, emergency or continuous applications with easy-to-use basic instrumentation, all necessary protection devices, indications of operational status, all are completely integrated to secure the operation. Each control system is customizable to the customer specifications for safe, secure and simple functionality.

Cukurova's Customers operate around the world and their demand for individually customised power products with particular project solutions have been increasing. Although the major components of our systems; engine, alternator, control module, etc. are mostly similar components of our projects, Cukurova's systems mainly differentiate from each other in the Control Design having vast varieties to meet our Customers' needs.

Unlike trying to manufacture basic components with one brand name, Cukurova has focused on comprehensive control design engineering with innovative solutions for the ultimate integration of components. These integrated components are the reputable products of world-wide well known manufacturers and this approach has set Cukurova design engineers free to select the most suitable component for a particular project design. Cukurova engineers have numerous alternatives with wide variety of the component specifications.

Unlike enforcing to fit the vast variety of customer needs to one brand's limited components provisions, Cukurova's Control Philosophy is to provide the ultimate power solution with the provisions of different components having low cost multi-source worldwide availability during the entire life-cycle.

Furthermore, unlike having one source’s limited aftersales network, Cukurova integrates also the service teams of global component manufacturers with our supply contracts having strict commitments of them to act as a dedicated member of Cukurova team. Cukurova Power Control Systems enable Cukurova Customer to have low cost uninterrupted availability of parts and services worldwide.

Our Customers in the extremes of location have to ensure the health and safety of employees and other people affected by their business activities. Today new regulations' complexity is increasing and Cukurova consistently implements safety technologies in Power Control systems. With improved diagnostics this offers reduced downtimes and thus increased system availability which are vital for embedded profitability of our Customer's facilities.

The latest developments of information and communications technologies and the expansion of global networks havE made the data exchange between the systems as much as between people. Unlike on-site aggregation of subsystems, Cukurova Power Control Systems; PCS-i3S, integrates the customised product to the life in a simple, safe and secure manner by the use of latest information and communications technologies. Through modern communications technology, our Control Systems are melded into an integrated intelligent networking providing the Customer remote services and preventive maintenances as well.

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