Basic Control Panels

Cukurova's basic control panels are designed to provide advanced automatic control of diesel sets, that include non-electronic and electronic engines.

The panel design provides also intelligent functionality giving the user advanced engine monitoring and protection features.

The microprocessor control allows accessing critical performance data to communicate with building managements systems.

The basic control panels have the capability to monitor:

  • under speed,
  • over speed,
  • charge alternator failure,
  • emergency stop,
  • low oil pressure,
  • high engine temperature,
  • fail to start,
  • fail to stop,
  • loss of speed sensing signal,
  • low fuel,
  • over current,
  • under/over generator frequency,
  • under/over generator volts
  • low/high DC
  • battery volts.

Engine faults are indicated via LED indicators, LCD displays and audible alarms. Upon detection the modules shut down the engine, only allowing a re-start once the fault condition has been removed.


  • Automatic start
  • Automatic load transfer
  • Automatic mains failure
  • Electronic engine connection
  • RS232 & RS485 remote communications
  • Modbus RTU
  • Analogue inputs
  • Audible alarm indication
  • Back-lit character & 4-line text LCD display
  • Configurable alarms & timers
  • Configurable auxiliary inputs
  • Digital inputs
  • Emergency stop functions
  • Engine history event log
  • Engine exercise mode
  • Engine parameter warning
  • Engine protection
  • Front panel mounting
  • Front panel programming
  • Full engine diagnostics
  • Generator operating status warning
  • Hid till lit alarm icons
  • LCD alarm indication
  • LED alarm indication
  • Manual start
  • Multiple language options
  • PC configurable
  • PIN protected programming
  • Power save mode
  • Remote monitoring
  • SMS messaging
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