Power Cages - Canopies

Sound attenuated enclosures & containers

Cukurova designs, manufactures sound attenuated weatherproof enclosures and containers; Cukurova Power Cages. The Power Cages are to protect generator systems against adverse weather conditions, extreme dust and temperatures, unwanted entries for the safety and security equipment, Customer's operation and people interface.

Having standard Power Cages suiting enormous variety of customer needs, Cukurova is also capable of manufacturing individually designed units meeting our customer's particular needs for noise control, safety and environmental protection.

The power generators are large, noisy and complex machines that requires special care where they are sited. Our enclosed power systems; Power Cages are manufactured 'ready to connect' in order to ease and speed up site installation and commissioning. This eventually reduces costs even in remote parts of the world where installation equipment, material and specialists are mostly limited and costly.

We supply factory tested complete packaged Power Cages with high standards complying with complex and costly safety and environmental regulations of very critical rural areas where these strict environmental and safety requirements limits our customers operations and make costly.

  • Fully safety integrated robust design protecting complete system against excessive vibration and risk of fire
  • 1.5mm to 3mm steel body preformed into sections and welded to form a rigid structure
  • Provision of aspiration and cooling air flow via fixed sound treated weather louvres
  • Acoustic 50mm resin-bonded mineral fibre faced with galvanised perforated steel or galvanised steel mesh applied all inside walls, doors and roof.
  • Provision of acoustic splitters and baffles to comply with strict environmental and H&S regulations
  • Provision of wide variety of customized design applications not limited to; gravity flap lovres, bird mesh, sand trap louvres, filtration, AC/DC lighting, fire detection/protection system, filtration, needs of extreme cold/heavy fall environmental conditions
  • enclosed or top mounted critical type silencer with complete heat insulation
  • access via hinged, removable doors at 2 sides for easy maintenance, service and operation of the complete system
  • lockable, flush mounted door latches
  • cambered roof design preventing water accumulation
  • available with skid mounted leak tested daily fuel tanks
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