Exhaust silencers

Commercial - Industrial - Semi Residential - Residential - Super Critical

incorporated with

Spark Arrestor - Catalyst

Dedicating to provide reliable and efficient power systems incorporated with our commitment to minimise environmental impact necessiates a comprehensive mechanical design to reduce emissions. Also our Customers’ demand to the systems complying with emissions regulations is increasing and their related specifications include more strict requirements which are influenced by the legislation.

Whatever the brand and size of the diesel engine that we select for our systems’s application duty;standby, prime, continuous, all internal combustion engines produce noise and pollutants having impact on environment during its operation.

We use fuel efficient, clean, high tecnology diesel engines in our power system design and it is complemented with our engineering to design or to select correct type of silencer with optimum specifications; meeting or exceeding environmental needs of the project while keeping the investment and operation costs minimum.

We provide broad range of Exhaust Silencers manufactured with reactive, absortive principles which can also be incorporated with Spark Arrestors and Catalysts. Besides having standart product avaiability with high quality, we can offer customised silencers manufactured individually for particular needs.

Depending on the need for attenuation level, our silencers are classified into following categories;

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Semi Residential
  • Residential
  • Super Critical

which can be incorporated with Spark Arrestor and Catalyst.

Depending on the site conditions we can adopt inlet/outlet positions, provide heat absorptive packing, etc. to speed the installation and to reduce cost while keeping the peformance of diesel engine at maximum level.

All our silencers are welded design, sturdily contructed in carbon steel sheet and plates, painted externally with high heat black paint to ensure a longer service life, and can installed horisontally or vertically. The optional features; dual inlets/ outlets, inspection openings, mounting brackects, support gussets, lifting lugs, special material of construction; aluminized steel or stainless steel are available with our engineering team’s free of charge consultancy services.

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